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RX Office Depot Sdn Bhd is a well established office automation company providing printing solutions. We offer wide range of multifunctional copier machine that suits various kind of customer’s requirement and we are able to provide consultations and recommendation to help you to choose the most suitable machine for your environment.


If you are looking for a printing device which can meets your company’s requirement, RX OFffice Depot Sdn Bhd can help you to recommend our best. We offer wide range of copier machine cater for your needs at the most affordable price.

Customer Satisfaction

With “RX Office Sdn Bhd”, our clients is our asset. We are able to offer the best quality machine at the most affordable price to our clients. Our clients can rest assured that once they purchased or rent our machine, they will be recommended to our range of quality machine as our copier goes through a stringent re-conditioning process.

Service Team

After sales services is our commitment to our clients. Here in RX Office Depot, our service team engineers are highly trained engineers. We will provide fast responsive service time to ensure a minimum downtime at our clients office thus improving customer’s productivity.


In RX Office Depot Sdn Bhd, we offer full range of multifunctional copier which comes with “copy, print, scan and fax” featured tailored to meet the needs of Capital SOHO to SME to large enterprise environments. These full range of models can meet all your requirements. Our sales consultant will be more than happy to help your company to prescribe which model suits your usage best.

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Color Copier

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From some of our customer’s testimonial, our customer has always been our first priority.
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